Linux Based Solutions

Solving a complicated business problem doesn’t mean you have to spend a million dollars to get pricey systems and solutions, implement them and wait for the results. Today, SMB and enterprise solutions market is ruled by proprietary software and Hardwear vendors, there are numerous open source solutions providers who are making their presence felt across the globe. They not only provide tailor-made solutions to businesses, but do the same in a cost effective manner, giving enough room for customizations and minimum dependence on vendors.

The solution providers must not ignore the needs of market and provide solutions that fit well for clients’ organizations rather than making the clients adjust according to the solutions. Open Source technologies certainly offer this flexibility. Over the years, it has not only emerged as a great technology alternative for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to enable their businesses, but also provided a better and more flexible option to the large organizations. Businesses are now increasingly looking forward to upgrade or customize ERP systems and other solutions on the open platform without spending huge amounts of money for licensing and support. This need must be addressed by the current IT solutions providers.

Few benifits of Open source solutions, Minimum TCO (Total cost of ownership),Better ROI (Return On Investment),Better performances.

Business Email Solutions

If you currently manage your own email servers or are thinking about doing so, we have the perfect mail server solution for you. Cost Effective, Reliable and Easy to Manage In house Open Source Mail Server Solutions. with our Mail Servers solution organizations can save thousands of dollars. You will be very pleased with the great savings and enhanced services you will get by outsourcing to us. Whether it is a small or medium office (SMB) or enterprise our solution will definitly meet your requirement.


Network Monitoring Systems

Monitoring network devices and servers arond the clock is much more important than ever before, failing, high resource utilization of devices may cause a huge business impact.According to the threshold alerts administrators can take actionsinadvance of a failer or device paralyzeation.

Also setting up thresholds for Hard disks is very important, then you can have alerts saying that this much of your specific server's Hard disk space has been used and only this must is available. All of these are very important status of devices.

In manual way, you need to check every device one by one for these kind of issues, but visiting every device sometimes may not reveal some issues such as network errors. Our solution for these issues are very straight forward. We provide you a system that can pull these information from all of your devices and analyze them and show you all these alerts warnings and any informational message of devices to you in one place.

You don't need to visit every device to find issues anymore, you just log in to the system we provide and see what the status of all of your devices is and you can get actions for any failure or warning then. Also we could provide you some cool features like forwarding alerts, warning messages to your email or your mobile device. That way you are always updated about your devices within the business and that is the way to achieve Technology goals in your business. Please contact us for more details about our Software Based solutions.