Information Security Solutions

Today’s security threats to enterprises continue to get more advanced and targeted; and organizations need solutions that go beyond the traditional firewall.

We see business and security objectives as inseparable and work in partnership with you to achieve a cost-effective balance between the two. Focusing on the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) of all your critical information produced, transmitted, or stored.

Considered to be one of the Emerging and experienced technical teams in the industry, our Information Security Solutions team provides expert professional services for all stages of information security designing & development, consultancy & services for design, implementation, and support services.

Whether it is a small or medium office (SMB) or enterprise, IM Solutions offers security solutions to address every aspect of your business.

Wireless Network Solutions

Today’s increasingly converged networks demand that network connectivity be available anytime and anywhere for users. The explosion of mobile devices is further fuelling the unprecedented need for connectivity, regardless of location or device. The combination of massive amount of new mobile devices, multi-media applications and the explosion of data usage per person (both personal and business combined) are factors that are all happening at the same time. And the data usage is directed at your wireless network instead of the wired network. All these factors set new demands on your Wireless network.