IM Solutions offers consultancy service to its customers, by utilizing the consultancy team, we ensure we offer the most suitable & competitive solution for customers requirements. Also our consultancy skills can be integrated into a customized service that helps to grow your business.


IM Solutions believes that business relationship is more than just delivering products. We understand that the right level of service add value to the strong and sustainable relationships with our customers. We have a partnership with Connex IT and Connex is providing TOP LEVEL support to IM Solutions.

Pre-sales Support

Once the we get the custome requiremnt , It is a user-friendly platform where you can submit all your technical quarries including the solution design,concept, hardware issues, RMA requests and integration issues.

In order to provide you a prompt response and precise answers on how to solve your problems, we require you to include as much related information as you can.

This will allow us to clearly define the problem and give you the right answer.

Demo / POC

Early on in our sales process, once we have listened to your initial requirements and have some idea of what you may be looking for, we will often introduce a solution using a presentation. This presentation will provide you with sufficient information to understand the solution and what it can do and assess whether it might suit your needs. The presentation is, by nature, generic but interactively tailored to your particular unique requirements.

If a solution seems likely to meet your needs, but requires some additional time to fully determine if it meets your requirements against your draft acceptance criteria, then we may move onto a POC. This is a limited duration project, perhaps a couple of weeks, which allows you to thoroughly test the solution, normally in a non-production environment. A POC can often be delivered free or at least at a nominal cost. A POC is useful to further refine requirements and usually involves a number of conference calls for feedback and to answer any queries that the POC has revealed.

Onsite / Remote Administration Support

Our engineering team can provide all levels of support, both remotely and onsite.Even with the best remote support, sometimes there is a need for boots on the ground support. Our engineering team ensures efficient response to client requests.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is about empowering your staff and giving them the confidence to troubleshoot the device and is capable of managing the environment to certain extends once we step out the door.

Knowledge Transfer is done based on the customer’s request and will be provided only for UTM firewall based solutions. During the onsite phase, our engineers will provide informal knowledge transfer. Topics covered during this information exchange may include

Overview of interfaces, zones, security rule enforcement, Configuring address and service objects, Configuring VPN tunnels, Monitoring of event and traffic logs, Monitoring of interface statistics.